Column information for the table: 2MRS K<11.75
Table Description: J.P.Huchra et al. 2012,ApJS,199,26; 2MASS Redshift Survey to Ks=11.75
pgc PGC number
ID_2MASXJ 2MASS Extended Source Catalog identification
RAJ Right ascension J2000, decimal degrees
DEJ Declination J2000, decimal degrees
Glon Galactic longitude
Glat Galactic latitude
SGL Supergalactic longitude
SGB Supergalactic latitude
K_c Ks isophotal magnitude, extinction corrected
H_c H isophotal magnitude, extinction corrected
J_c J isophotal magnitude, extinction corrected
K_tc Ks total magnitude, extinction corrected
H_tc H total magnitude, extinction corrected
J_tc J total magnitude, extinction corrected
e_K Uncertainty in K_c
e_H Uncertainty in H_c
e_J Uncertainty in J_c
e_Kt Uncertainty in K_tc
e_Ht Uncertainty in H_tc
e_Jt Uncertainty in J_tc
E_bv E(B-V) from Schlegel, Finkbeiner & Davis (1998)
r_iso Log10 of K=20 mag/sq arcsec isophotal radius in arcsec
r_ext Log10 of Ks total magnitude extrapolated radius in arcsec
b/a Axial ratio from co-added JHKs images
Flgs Photometry confusion flags from 2MASS XSC database. Z in first col. indicates use of 2MASS LGA magnitude
Type Galaxy type: ZCAT convention
So Source of type: JH=John Huchra, ZC=ZCAT, NN=not available
Vhel Heliocentric velocity
e_V Uncertainty in redshift when available
C Code for catalog providing redshift
Bib_z Bibliographic code for redshift source
Name Galaxy name used by redshift source