Column information for the table: V 8k
Table Description: Redshift catalog accumulated for the original purpose of public education. Primary source was CfA zcat circa 2002. Bounded at 8000 km/s on cardinal Supergalactic XYZ axes.
pgc PGC number
l Galactic longitude
b Galactic latitude
sgL Supergalactic longitude
sgB Supergalactic latitude
absB Absolute magnitude at distance in km/s / 100
Diam Intrinsic diameter in kpc at distance in km/s / 100
BAratio Ratio minor to major axis diameters
PA Position angle on sky N through E
T Morphological type; see RC3
V_GSR Velocity in Galactic standard of rest; see RC3
Dist Distance in km/s; flow model within 3000 km/s
sgX SGX component of distance
sgY SGY component of distance
sgZ SGZ component of distance
objname Common name
GrpID Internal group identifier
Filament Internal filament identifier
al1950 Right Ascension (B1950)
de1950 Declination (B1950)