Column information for the table: ALFALFA 100%
Table Description: Catalog of 32628 0f 33573 ALFALFA detections Haynes, M.P. et al. 2018, ApJ, 861, 49 (missing 945 without LEDA links)
pgc PGC number
AGC Cornell University Digital HI Archive identifier
Glon Galactic longitude
Glat Galactic latitude
SGL Supergalactic longitude
SGB Supergalactic latitude
Name Common name
RAh Right Ascension of HI source
DEh Declination of HI source
RAo Right Ascension of optical counterpart
DEo Declination of optical counterpart
Vhel Heliocentric velocity of the profile midpoint
W_M50 W_M50 ALFALFA velocity width
e_W Error in ALFA linewidth
F Line flux
e_F Uncertainty in flux
SNR Ratio of peak flux to rms noise
RMS The RMS noise per channel
Dist Assumed distance
MHI Log HI mass n solar units
C Quality code
T Morphological type code from RC3
D25 Log major diameter from RC3
R25 Log ratio major to minor axis from RC3
Bt Blue magnitude from RC3
Vh Heliocentric velocity from RC3
Ag Blue magnitude extinction from RC3
Inc Inclination from RC3