Column information for the table: All CF4 Maser
Table Description: Pesce, D. W.; Braatz, J. A.; Reid, M. J.; Riess, A. G.; Scolnic, D.; Condon, J. J.; Gao, F.; Henkel, C.; Impellizzeri, C. M. V.; Kuo, C. Y.; Lo, K. Y. 2020, ApJ, 891, L1
pgc PGC number
Name Common name
DM Distance modulus
eDM Uncertainty in distance modulus
d Distance
Vhel Heliocentric velocity of maser
1PGC PGC ID of dominant group member
Nest 2MASS nest ID from Tully(2015)
Ng Number of group members
gV3k Group velocity in CMB frame
gsgl Group supergalactic longitude
gsgb Group supergalactic latitude
Ty Morphological type from RC3
glon Galactic longitude
glat Galactic latitude
sgl Supergalactic longitude
sgb Supergalactic latitude