Column information for the table: All CF3 SNIa
Table Description: Test build of all SN1a components of Cosmicflows-3
pgc PGC number
1PGC PGC ID of dominant group member
Nest 2MASS group ID
Dist Distance (averaged if more than one source); mid-IR calibration
Name Common name
RAJ Right Ascension (J2000)
DeJ Declination (J2000)
Glon Galactic longitude
Glat Galactic latitude
SGL Supergalactic longitude
SGB Supergalactic latitude
Ty Morphological type; RC3 numeric code
Asfd Reddening at B band from Schlegel et al (1998) dust maps
Asf Reddening at B band from Schlafly & Finkbeiner (2011)
Btot Total B magnitude from LEDA
Itot Total I magnitude, average of CCD contributions
Ks 2MASS Ks magnitude, extinction corrected from Huchra et al. 2012 or else Lavaux-Hudson 2011
b/a Minor to major axial ratio
Vhel Heliocentric velocity
Vgsr Velocity in Galactic standard of rest (circular velocity at Sun of 239 km/s; total velocity 251 km/s toward l=90,b=0)
Vls Velocity in Local Sheet standard of rest (Tully et al. 2008)
Vcmb Velocity in CMB standard of rest (Fixsen et al. 1996)
Icnt Internal group ID
2M++ Group ID from 2MASS++ catalog of Lavaux & Hudson (2011)
Fil Filament ID from private analysis of V8k catalog
SNIa Supernova ID
N No. SNIa contributions
DMav Distance modulus averaged over all contributions, CF2 scale; mid-IR calibration
DMr Distance modulus from Rest+ (2014), CF2 scale
eDMr Error in Rest+ distance modulus
DMw Distance modulus from Walker+ (2015), CF2 scale
DMu Distance modulus from Union2 (Amanullah et. 2010), Union2 zero point
eDMu Error in Union2 distance modulus
DMj Distance modulus from Jha et al. (2007), Union2 zero point
eDMj Error in Jha distance modulus
DMp Distance modulus from Prieto et al. (2006), Union2 zero point
eDMp Error in Prieto distance modulus
DMh Distance modulus from Hicken et al. (2009), Union2 zero point
DMf Distance modulus from Folatelli et al. (2010), Union2 zero point