Column information for the table: ANGST
Table Description: The ACS Nearby Galaxy Survey Treasury. J.J. Dalcanton et al. 2009 ApJS 183 67 (Table 5 modified).
pgc PGC number
Cat Catalog name
Targ Target name (specific field in galaxy with lowest distance uncertainty)
Filt Filters used for CMD
Nstar Number of stars within 1 mag of the TRGB
A_V Foreground extinction in V band, A_V
Color Mean color of stars used to measure the TRGB
Mtrgb Predicted absolute magnitude of TRGB at the mean color
mraw Apparent magnitude of TRGB in F814W uncorrected for extinction (raw)
m_trgb Extinction corrected TRGB magnitude
etrgb Error in extinction corrected TRGB magnitude
modulus TRGB distance modulus for chosen field in galaxy
dist TRGB distance; chosen field
edist Uncertainty in TRGB distance
Ncmd Number of ANGST fields on galaxy
avdist Weighted average distance over all fields
eavdist Weighted error in averaged distance