Column information for the table: ASAS-SN SNIa
Table Description: Combined 4 tables and RC3 metadata for SNIa from ASAS-SN Bright Supernova Catalog: 2013-16.
pgc PGC number of host galaxy
Vsn Heliocentric velocity of supernova
Vho Heliocentric velocity of host galaxy
SNIa ASAS-SN or other supernova identification
SNpgc PGC number of supernova
SNiau IAU supernova identification
objname Host galaxy name
mVd Discovery V-band magnitude
mVp Peak V-band magnitude
off Offset from host nucleus
age Age of supernova at discovery, relative to peak
Tsn Type of supernova
Date Discovery date
RADec Right ascension and declination (see references)
Av V-band extinction
NUV GALEX NUV magnitude
eNUV GALEX NUV magnitude uncertainty
u SDSS u magnitude
eu SDSS u magnitude uncertainty
g SDSS g magnitude
eg SDSS g magnitude uncertainty
r SDSS r magnitude
er SDSS r magnitude uncertainty
i SDSS i magnitude
ei SDSS i magnitude uncertainty
z SDSS z magnitude
ez SDSS z magnitude uncertainty
J 2MASS J magnitude
eJ 2MASS J magnitude uncertainty
H 2MASS H magnitude
eH 2MASS H magnitude uncertainty
K 2MASS K magnitude
eK 2MASS K magnitude uncertainty
W1 WISE W1 magnitude
eW1 WISE W1 magnitude uncertainty
W2 WISE W2 magnitude
eW2 WISE W2 magnitude uncertainty
Ref Discovery and classification ATel for ASAS-SN; otherwise: discoverer and whether recovered by ASAS-SN (y/n)
J2000 RA, Dec; J2000
Glon Galactic Longitude
Glat Galactic Latitude
SGL Supergalactic Longitude
SGB Supergalactic Latitude
Typ Morphological T type of host [RC3]
logD25 Log diameter at 25 mag/as^2 blue isophote [RC3]
logR25 Log ratio of major to minor axis at 25 mag/as^2 blue isophote [RC3]
BT Total B magnitude of host [RC3]
IT Total I magnitude of host [RC3]
Ks Total Ks magnitude of host [RC3]
Ag Extinction at B band following Schlegel et al.