Column information for the table: Blakeslee SMAC FP + SBF
Table Description: Blakeslee John P.; Lucey John R.; Barris Brian J.; Hudson Michael J.; Tonry John L.; A synthesis of data from fundamental plane and surface brightness fluctuation surveys; 2001 MNRAS 327 1004
pgc PGC number
L Galactic Longitude
B Galactic Latitude
VI V-I color, magnitudes, from SBF survey
e_VI Error given V-I color
mg2 Magnesium II index from SMAC survey
e_mg2 Error given Magnesium II index
AgB Galactic absorption in B band, magnitudes; Schlegel et al.
Vh Heliocentric velocity, km/s
Vlg Velocity in Local Group reference frame, km/s
Vcmb Velocity in reference frame of the cosmic microwave background, km/s
Nbar Nbar fluctuation count parameter from SBF survey
T Type from RC3
sigV Log of galaxy central velocity dispersion from SMAC survey
e_sigV Error given log sigma_V
Xfp FP photometric parameter: Xfp = log Re - 0.33e from SMAC survey
PD PD quality parameter: product of seeing (arcsec) x Vcmb (units 1000 km/s)
Grp Group ID from SBF survey
Clus Cluster association
Dist_sbf Observed SBF distance modulus, magnitudes
e_Dist_sbf Error given SBF distance modulus
Dist_FP Observed SMAC FP distance modulus
e_Dist_FP Error given FP distance modulus
XDist_sbf Expectation Malmquist corrected SBF distance modulus, magnitudes
XDist_PF Expectation Malmquist corrected SMAC FP distance modulus, magnitudes
e_tot Total error: quadrature sum of SBF and FP errors in distance modulus
Nsig Difference between SBF and FP moduli normalized by total error
XDist_IRAS Expectation distance modulus from IRAS density field
e_XDist_IRAS Error given IRAS density field distance modulus
u Always set 1
Virgo Flag for members of Virgo Cluster
icnt Internal group reference number
NBG_ID Nearby Galaxies Catalog (1988) group ID number
LH_ID Lavaux-Hudson group ID from 2MASS++ catalog