Column information for the table: CF3 Modelled Group Distances
Table Description: Table 3 group table from CF3 data paper (Tully et al. 2016) plus model distances and peculiar velocities from Graziani et al. (2019) and Hoffman et al. (2021)
pgc PGC number of dominant member of group
Nest Group ID from 2MASS catallog of Tully(2015)
NDg Number of galaxies with measured distances in group
DMg Group uminosity distance modulus; weighted average of group members
eDg Fractional error in distance at 1sigma level
Dg Group luminosity distance (weighted average if more than one source)
DBGc Hoffman et al. (2021) BGc model group luminosity distance
NVg Number of galaxies with measured velocities in group
Glong Galactic longitude of group
Glatg Galactic latitude of group
SGLg Supergalactic longitude of group
SGBg Supergalactic latitude of group
lgLgp Log summed K luminosity of group, adjusted by correction factor for lost light; assumed distance is Vmgp/75
cf Luminosity selection function correction factor
sigp Projected velocity dispersion anticipated by corrected luminosity
R2t Projected second turnaround radius anticipated by corrected intrinsic luminosity; assumed distance is Vmgp/75
Vhgp Group heliocentric velocity
Vggp Group velocity in Galactic standard of rest (circular velocity at Sun of 239 km/s; total velocity 251 km/s toward l=90,b=0)
Vlsgp Group velocity in Local Sheet standard of rest (Tully et al. 2008)
Vcgp Group velocity in CMB standard of rest (Fixsen et al. 1996)
fmod Cosmological correction to velocity with Omega_matter=0.27 and Omega_Lambda=0.73
VBGc Peculiar velocity given by BGc model (Hoffman et al. 2021)
Vrms Group r.m.s. velocity dispersion
bwMass12 Group mass (x10^12) from virial theorem with bi-weight dispersion and radius parameters; assumed distance is Vmgp/75
L_Mass12 Group mass (x10^12) based on corrected intrinsic luminosity and M/L prescription; assumed distance is Vmgp/75
LDC Crook et al. (2007) low density group ID
HDC Crook et al. (2007) high density group ID
2M++ Group ID from 2MASS++ catalog of Lavaux & Hudson (2011)
MKgp Makarov & Karachentsev (2011, MNRAS 412, 2498) group ID
Icnt Internal group ID
SGXg Supergalactic X distance from origin assuming distance Dg
SGYg Supergalactic Y distance from origin assuming distance Dg
SGZg Supergalactic Z distance from origin assuming distance Dg
Abell Abell cluster ID; ASxxx are from southern supplement list
GroupName Alternate name for group or cluster