Column information for the table: Carnegie Hubble Program
Table Description: Carnegie Hubble Program sample observed with SPITZER Space Telescope
pgc PGC number
CHP CHP program ID
Name Common name
Use CHP use catagory
GpID Tully 3000 group identification number, extended
Clust CHP cluster
Vhel Heliocentric velocity
RA Right Ascension; decimal deg
De Declination; decimal deg
Source CHP Spitzer source
J2000 RA and Dec, J2000
Glon Galactic Longitude
Glat Galactic Latitude
SGL Supergalactic Longitude
SGB Supergalactic Latitude
T Morphological type from RC3
logd25 log of apparent diameter d25 from RC3 (units 0.1 arcmin)
logr25 log of ratio major/minor axes from RC3
Bt Total B magnitude from RC3
It Total I magnitude from RC3
Ag Galactic extinction in B band (Schlegel et al.)
Inc Inclination from RC3