Column information for the table: SFI++
Table Description: SFI++. II: A New I-Band Tully-Fisher Catalog Derivation of Peculiar Velocities and Dataset Properties. C.M. Springob et al. 2007 ApJS 172 599; Erratum 2009 ApJS 182 474 Tables 1-4 combined + Table 3 of Masters et al. 2006 ApJ 653 861
pgc PGC number
Name Common name
J2000 Equatorial coordinates from LEDA, epoch J2000
UGC/AGC Cornell identifier: alternatively UGC or AGC
Alt_Name NGC, IC, ESO, CGCG, MCG, or other names
RAJ Right ascension, epoch J2000 in Cornell catalog
DeJ Declination, epoch J2000 in Cornell catalog
Ty Morphological type; RC3 numeric code
r23.5 I band isophotal radius at 23.5 mag/arcsec^2
r83L Optical radius encompassing 83% of light
mu_out I band surface magnitude at outermost detected isophote
ell Disk ellipticity, seeing corrected
e_ell Error in disk ellipticity
PA Disk position angle, average over isophotes
e_PA Error in disk position angle
tf Cases with asterisks are lacking high quality width measurements
Wtf Log of the corrected rotational velocity width; Cornell group corrections
e_Wtf Error in log Wtf
m_obs Observed I band magnitude extrapolated to 8 disk scale lengths, without corrections
e_m Measurement error on apparent magnitude M_obs
m_c Apparent magnitude, corrected for Galactic and internal extinction
M_I Absolute I magnitude, corrected for absorption and at a distance given by redshift assuming Ho=100 km/s/Mpc
e_MI Error in M_I, including uncertainties in corrections
gamma Extinction coefficient
inc Inclination of plane of disk to plane of sky
Vcmb Velocity in CMB frame, from midpoint of spectral line profile
Vpec Peculiar velocity, uncorrected for bias
e_Vp Error in peculiar velocity
Dist Distance, uncorrected for bias, Vcmb-Vpec; if in a group then Vcmb is averaged over group
Vp_b Bias corrected peculiar velocity; individual - not averaged if in group
e_Vpb Error in bias corrected peculiar velocity
D_bias Bias corrected distance; individual - not averaged if in group
Gp_ID Group ID; SCI/SC2 cluster, NOG groups (30,000 series), VDM groups (40,000 series)
O/H Spectroscopy code: O=optical, H=HI
Theta Angular separation from cluster center
Cluster Template cluster name
mem Cluster membership status: c=cluster (in) sample, g= not firm (in+) sample
RAJg Right ascension of group center, J2000
DeJg Declination of group center, J2000
Vcmbg CMB frame group velocity, averaged over all constituents
e_Vg Error in CMB frame group velocity
Ng N0. galaxies in group with data in SFI++ (Template clusters from Masters Table 3: No. `In' galaxies)
Na No. AGC galaxies in group (Template clusters from Masters Table 3: No. `In+' galaxies)
Vpg Group peculiar velocity, uncorrected for bias (Template clusters: includes only `In' galaxies)
e_Vpg Error in group peculiar velocity, uncorrected for bias
Dg Distance to group, Vcmbg-Vpg, uncorrected for bias (Template clusters: includes only `In' galaxies)
Vpg_b Bias corrected group peculiar velocity (Template clusters: includes only `In' galaxies)
e_Vpgb Error in bias corrected group peculiar velocity
Dg_b Bias corrected group distance (Template clusters: includes only `In' galaxies)
Int_ID Internal group ID number