Column information for the table: SNIa calibration
Table Description: Zero point calibrators for SNIa distance scale.
pgc PGC number
SNIa Supernova identification
objname Galaxy name
J2000 RA, Dec; J2000
Glon Galactic Longitude
Glat Galactic Latitude
SGL Supergalactic Longitude
SGB Supergalactic Latitude
Typ Morphological T type of host [RC3]
logD25 Log diameter at 25 mag/as^2 blue isophote [RC3]
logR25 Log ratio of major to minor axis at 25 mag/as^2 blue isophote [RC3]
BT Total B magnitude of host [RC3]
IT Total I magnitude of host [RC3]
Ag Extinction at B band following Schlegel et al.
Vhel Host galaxy Heliocentric velocity
Vcmb Host galaxy velocity in CMB rest frame
VcmbSN Supernova velocity in CMB rest frame
mu0U Union2 (2010) Distance Modulus assuming H0=74.2 km/s/Mpc
emu0U Error in Union2 distance modulus
Cuts Cuts: z=redshift<0.015; o=outlier; d=observations <5; f+bad light curve; p=first phase >6 days after B maximum
mu0J Jha et al. (2007) Distance Modulus assuming H0=65 km/s/Mpc
emu0J Error in Jha et al. distance modulus
NotesJ Notes by Jha et al.
Notes Notes by RBT