Column information for the table: CSP1 Burns18
Table Description: Carnegie Supernova Project I final release: Burns et al. 2018, ApJ, 869: 56
pgc PGC number of host galaxy
SNIa Supernova identification
1PGC PGC ID of dominant member of group
Nest Nest ID in 2MASS group catalog by Tully(2015)
muCV Cross-validated distance modulus (Riess16 zero point)
emu Error in distance modulus
zh Heliocentric redshift
z3k Redshift in CMB frame
sBV Color stretch parameter
esBV Error in color stretch parameter
Dm15 Delta_m15_(B) parameter
eDm15 Error in delta_m15_(B) parameter
Vmax V magnitude at maximum
eVmax Error in V magnitude at maximum
EBV B-V color excess
eEBV Error in B-V color excess
Rv Reddening slope
eRv Error in reddening slope
covER Covariance between E(B-V) and Rv
Q Quality parameter
RA Right ascension in degrees (J2000)
Dec Declination in degrees (2000)
glon Galactic longitude
glat Galactic latitude
sgl Supergalactic longitude
sgb Supergalactic latitude