Column information for the table: FP: EFAR
Table Description: Colless Matthew; Saglia R. P.; Burstein David; Davies Roger L.; McMahon Robert K.; Wegner Gary; The peculiar motions of early-type galaxies in two distant regions - VII. Peculiar velocities and bulk motions; 2001 MNRAS 321 277
pgc PGC number
Icnt Internal group ID
2M++ Lavaux-Hudson group ID
Dist Distance, CF2 scale
DM Distance modulus, CF2 scale
RAJ Right Ascension (J2000)
DeJ Declination (J2000)
Glon Galactic longitude of galaxy
Glat Galactic latitude of galaxy
Ty Morphological type
Rt Total R magnitude
Ell Mean ellipticity inside Re
A_R Reddening in the R band
Vh_cl Mean heliocentric velocity of cluster
Vh_g Heliocentric velocity of galaxy
Ng No. galaxies used in distance determination
Clon Galactic longitude of cluster
Clat Galactic latitude of cluster
Vcl Cluster redshift in CMB frame
D Bias corrected cluster distance
ID EFAR cluster ID
Cluster Cluster name
pgc PGC number
GIN EFAR galaxy identification number
CID EFAR cluster identification
CAN EFAR cluster assignment number
Clust Cluster name
Gal Galaxy name
RA Right Ascension J2000
De Declination J2000
L Galactic longitude
B Galactic latitude
Ty Morphological type
Dn Diameter enclosing a mean R-band SB of 20.5 mag arcsec^-2
e_dn Error in Dn
Dn20 Diameter enclosing a mean R-band SB of 20.0 mag arcsec^-2
Dn1925 Diameter enclosing a mean R-band SB of 19.25 mag arcsec^-2
Re Half-luminosity radius in R band
Re_kpc Half-luminosity radius in R band; H0=50, q0=0.5
SBe R-band surface brightness at Re
e_SBe Photometric zero-point error on SBe
SBe_avg Mean R-band surface brightness inside Re
e_SBe_avg Photometric zero-point error on
mRt Total apparent R magnitude
e_mRt Photometric zero-point error on mRt
ReB Bulge half-luminosity radius in the R band
SB_ReB Bulge R band surface brightness at ReB
h Disc scalelength in the R band
SB0 Disc central surface brightness in the R band
hReB Ratio of bulge half-luminosity radius to disc scalelength
DB Ratio of luminosity in disc to luminosity in bulge
Fit Type of fit (B=bulge, D=disc, BD=bulge+disc,else see ref
Q Global quality of photometric fit (1=best, 2=fair, 3=poor; see ref
BmR B-R color
e_BmR Error in B-R color
ellip_avg Mean ellipticity inside Re
A_R Reddening in the R band
cz_cl Cluster mean redshift (heliocentric)
e_czcl Error in cz_cl
cz Galaxy redshift (heliocentric)
e_cz Error in cz
sigma Central velocity dispersion of galaxy
e_sig Error in sigma
Mgb Mgb Lick linestrength index
e_Mgb Error in Mgb
Mg2 Mg2 Lick linestrength index
e_Mg2 Error in Mg2
Qs Spectral quality (A=best ... E=worst; see ref
ae Absorption/emission flag
logDw Log of the Dw diameter
SDw Selection probability computed using Dw; see ref
logDwDn Log of Dw computed from Dn; see ref
SDwDn Selection probability computed from Dw
icnt Internal group identification number
FP [0/1] 1=in fundamental plane sample, 0=not in
PV [0/1] 1=in peculiar velocity sample, 0=not in
Name Cluster name (parenthesis = fore/background)
Ng No. galaxies used in distance determination
Lc Galactic longitude
Bc Galactic latitude
Delta Bias-corrected fundamental plane shift
e_Del rms uncertainty in Delta
eps_D Bias correction epsilon_delta subtracted from raw Delta; see ref
czc Cluster redshift (CMB frame)
e_czc rms uncertainty in cz
D Bias-corrected cluster distance
e_D rms uncertainty in D
czD Redshift corresponding to D
e_czD rms uncertainty in czD
Vpec_cl Peculiar velocity of the cluster
e_Vp rms uncertainty in V
LH_Gp Lavaux-Hudson group ID (2MASS++ catalog) but only if icnt unavailable