Column information for the table: Hydra/Centaurus SBF
Table Description: Mieske S. Hilker M. & Infante L. 2005 A&A 438 103 (Hydra/Centaurus SBF survey) Tables 2 4 and 5 combined.
pgc PGC number
Name Primary name in publication
1PGC PGC ID of dominant member of group
Nest Group nest ID in 2MASS group catalog by Tully(2015)
GpID Tully 3000 group identification number
RAJ Right ascension, epoch 2000
DeJ Declination, epoch 2000
Vo Total visual magnitude from curve of growth
V-I V-I color of analyzed region
Vh Heliocentric velocity
Type Morphological type
F Acquisition Field
P0 Amplitude of pixel-to-pixel surface brightness fluctuation
e_P0 Error in P0
P1 White noise
ZP Photometric zero point including exposure time
S/N Signal-to-noise
dsim Window function correction
dBG Relative contribution of background variance to SBF signal
dGC Contribution from globular clusters below the detection limit
mbar Apparent fluctuation magnitude
e_mbar Error in fluctuation magnitude
DM Distance modulus
e_dm Error in distance modulus
dist Distance in Mpc
e_d Error in distance