Column information for the table: Jha SNIa
Table Description: S. Jha A.G. Riess & R.P. Kirshner 2007,ApJ,659,122 Tables 1 and 4
pgc PGC number
objname Galaxy name
SNIa Supernova name
Glon Galactic longitude
Glat Galactic latitude
Vhel Host galaxy Heliocentric velocity
Vlg Host galaxy velocity in Local Group frame
Vcmb Host galaxy velocity in CMB
Typ Morphological type of host
OffN Dec offset of SN from host nucleus; North positive
OffE RA offset of SN from host nucleus; East positive
t1 Epoch of first photometric observation relative to B max light; SN rest frame
Filt Filters
E_B-V Foreground reddening; Schlegel et al. (1998)
Ref References in Table 1 of Jha et al. (2007)
t0 Epoch of maximum light in B
et0 Error in epoch of maximum light in B
mu0 True distance modulus + 5 log H0/65
emu0 Error in distance modulus
Delta Luminosity/light-curve shape parameter
eDel Error in luminosity/light-curve shape parameter
AV0 Host galaxy extinction in V band
eAV0 Error in host galaxy extinction in V band
RV Ratio total to selective absorption AV/E(B-V); standard RV=3.1
eRV Error in ratio total to selective absorption if different from standard
mV0 Apparent magnitude in V of SNIa at maximum
emV0 Error in SNIa V apparent magnitude at maximum
Notes Notes: HF=Hubble flow sample