Column information for the table: 2MRS1175 Lim+17 Groups
Table Description: "Galaxy Groups in the Low-Redshift Universe", Lim, S., Mo, H., Lu, Y., Wang, H. & Yang, X. 2017, MNRAS, 470, 2982
PGC PGC number
IDg Group identification number
IDi Catalog individual galaxy identification number
J2000 Right ascension and declination of galaxy; J2000
RA Right ascension, decimal degrees; J2000
Dec Declination, decimal degrees; J2000
GLong Galactic longitude
GLat Galactic latitude
SGL Supergalactic longitude
SGB Supergalactic latitude
Vcmb Velocity in CMB frame
Vedd Velocity taken from Extragalactic Distance Database (see reference)
Comp Redshift completeness in line-of-sight (see reference)
Klum Log Ks-band luminosity, corrected following Lavaux & Hudson (2011)
Mstar Log stellar mass, from rel'n between stellar mass and Ks luminosity from EAGLE simulation
Ng Number of group members
Vgp Average group velocity in CMB frame
Mhalo Log halo mass
ID1 Catalog identification of brightest member of group
RAg Decimal right ascension of group, J2000
DEg Decimal declination of group, J2000
RAgJ Right ascension, hours, minutes seconds, J2000
DegJ Declination, degrees, arc min, arc sec, J2000
Glongg Galactic longitude of group
Glatg Galactic latitude of group
SGLg Supergalactic longitude of group
SGBg Supergalactic latitude of group
i0 1, if group within region of completeness; 0, if otherwise (see reference)
Cluster Cluster name