Column information for the table: LOSS Ganeshalingam13
Table Description: Lick Observatory Supernova Search: Ganeshalingam, LI & Filippenko 2013, MNRAS, 433, 2240.
pgc PGC number of host galaxy
SNIa Supernova identification
1PGC PGC ID of dominant group member
Nest Nest ID in 2MASS group catalog by Tully(2015)
RA Right ascension J2000
Dec Declination J2000
z3k Redshift in CMB frame
B B magnitude at maximum
eB Error in B magnitude at maximum
x1 SALT2 light curve width x1 parameter
ex1 Error in SALT2 x1 parameter
c SALT2 color c parameter
ec Error in SALT2 c parameter
mu Distance modulus
emu Error in distance modulus
Sample LOSS sample
Ref LOSS reference code