Column information for the table: MAK Vpec
Table Description: Peculiar velocity field reconstruction using the MAK algorithm and the 2MASS redshift survey of sources with Ks<11.25. Restricted to V<15000 km/s. Lavaux et al. 2010 ApJ 709 483.
pgc PGC number
RAJ Right Ascension (J2000)
DEJ Declination (J2000)
Glon Galactic longitude
Glat Galactic latitude
GpID Group ID; -1 if not in group
Vcmb Velocity in CMB frame
Boost Luminosity boost factor for loss of flux with distance
K20 Raw K20_fe in the 2MASS XSC catalog
Kc 2MRS K mag, including absorption corrections
Kcb Boosted K magnitude to compensate for loss of flux with distance
VpX Galactic X component of peculiar velocity
VpY Galactic Y component of peculiar velocity
VpZ Galactic Z component of peculiar velocity