Column information for the table: Numerical Action 8,000 km/s Model
Table Description: Shaya et al 2021 Table 2
pgc PGC number of dominant galaxy in nest
Nest Nest ID from Tully (2015) 2MASS K<11.75 group catalog
Name Common name for cluster or galaxy
SGL Supergalactic longitude
SGB Supergalactic latitude
Ng Number of identified members in nest
Nd Number of members with measured distances in nest
do Observed distance of nest
mue Uncertainty in distance modulus of nest
czo Systemic velocity of nest in Local Sheet reference frame
MKs Absolute Ks Magnitude of nest at model distance
dm-o Difference in distance between observed and model distance
czm-o Difference between observed and model systemic velocities
logM Log of total mass of nest
Vsgx Peculiar velocity of nest along SGX axis
Vsgy Peculiar velocity of nest along SGY axis
Vsgz Peculiar velocity of nest along SGZ axis
Chi Chi goodness criterion of nest in model