Column information for the table: Pre-Digital HI
Table Description: Catalog of pre-digital HI linewidth parameters accumulated by Tully
pgc PGC number
newsrc new source = 1; old source = 0
objname Common name
RA Right Ascension (B1950)
DE Declination (B1950)
T1 Morphological type
T2 Morphological type
Vold Old heliocentric velocity
Vhel Heliocentric velocity from HI observations
e_Vhel Error associated with Vhel
W20old Old 20% linewidth
W20 HI profile linewidth at 20% of peak intensity
e_W20 Error associated with W20
Qold Old quality index
Q Quality index ml: m=type evaluation; l=HI profile evaluation (1-3 good, 4 poor, 5 confused/strange, 6 not detected
logFHI Log HI flux: F_HI=0.236 integral S dV (10^6 suns/Mpc) where S=flux density in Jy, dV=velocity increment in km/s
Source Sources of HI observations as in Richter & Huchtmeier (General Cat. of HI Obs. of Galaxies, 1989) and extended
comment Comments