Column information for the table: Tully 3000
Table Description: Current revision of Nearby Galaxies Catalog (1987 Cambridge University Press). Information on 3497 galaxies with velocities less than 3000 km/s. Galaxies are assigned to groups and individual galaxy entries are tagged with mean group properties.
pgc PGC number
IntID Internal group ID; running tabulation of Nearby Galaxy Catalog groups
GrpID Group/cloud ID following Nearby Galaxies Catalog
objname Common name
l Galactic longitude
b Galactic latitude
T Morphological type code
Vhel Heliocentric velocity
V_GSR Galactocentric velocity, defined in RC3
Mod_NAM Distance modulus assumed; given by Numerical Action model
Mod_Q Distance modulus measured for specific galaxy by a quality method
E_BV Differential Galactic reddening E(B-V); Schlegel, Finkbinder, Davis
AgB Galactic absorption in B band
BAratioB ratio minor to major axis from CCD image, B prefered
NsrcBA No. sources contributing to measure of axial ratio
Bt Total B magnitude, Pierce/Tully source, uncorrected for obscuration
magRt Total R magnitude, average of sources, uncorrected for obscuration
NsrcRt No. sources of R photometry
magIt Total I magnitude, average of sources, uncorrected for obscuration
NsrcIt No. sources of I photometry
magH Aperture H magnitude H_{-0.5}, average of sources, uncorrected for obscuration
NsrcH No. sources of H photometry
Vh21 Heliocentric velocity from HI observation
W20 HI profile linewidth at 20% of peak intensity
MQC m=morphology quality code (1-3 good)
HIQC l=HI profile quality code (1-3 good)
Mod_HI Distance modulus from HI luminosity-linewidth correlation
e_Mod_HI RMS variance in measured Mod_HI
Swgth Summed weight: R=I: wt=1; B=H: wt=0.5
Mod_fgc Distance modulus: Karachentsev Flat Galaxy: 2MASS K-linewidth correlation
Btc B mag corrected for reddening
Lc Reduced luminosity = logL-dmin/2.5 corrected by selection function for lost luminosity
elg Galactic longitude (global group parameter)
bg Galactic latitude (global group parameter)
redlcg Group reduced luminosity
ivhg Group heliocentric velocity
ivgg Group Galactocentric velocity: GSR frame in RC3
ivlsg Group velocity in Local Sheet reference frame (2008, ApJ,676, 184)
ivcmbg Group velocity in Cosmic Microwave Background reference frame
dmg Group distance modulus: average of all measures
sigwtg Error in group distance modulus
ntfg No. luminosity-linewidth estimates for group
dmtfg Group luminosity-linewidth modulus
etfg Error in group luminosity-linewidth modulus
wtfg Weight assigned to group luminosity-linewidth distance estimate
nfg No. distance estimates from Karachentsev 2MASS/Flat Galaxies sample
dmfg Group modulus from Karachentsev 2MASS/Flat Galaxies luminosity-linewidth sample
efg Error in Karachensev 2MASS/Flat Galaxies modulus
nqg No. other good estimates of group modulus
dmqg Group modulus from other good measures
eqg Error in group modulus from other good measures