Column information for the table: Catinella/Cornell
Table Description: Catinella Haynes Giovanelli 2005 AJ 130 1037 (403 gal.)
pgc Principal Galaxies Catalog # from LEDA
Seq AGC Arecibo General Catalog # from Catinella2005 paper
objname Other Name
ty Morphological type according to RC3, B means Bar
Ropt Optical Radius corresponding to the isophote that includes 83% of the I band flux
Rmax Maximum radial distance to which the folded RC is sampled
VO Polyex fit : Amplitude
rPE Polyex fit : Exponential scale of the inner region
alpha Polyex fit : Slope of the outer part of the RC
q Flag for quality of the Polyex fit : 1 is for good, 0 is for poor
V80 Heliocentric velocity from the RC velocity histogram: V80=(V10+V90)/2
W80 Velocity width from the RC vel histo: W80=V90-V10 correct from cosmol broadening
VPE Heliocentric velocity from the Polyex fit
eV Uncertainty on VPE
WPE Velocity width from the Polyex fit, corrected for cosmological broadening only
eW Uncertainty on WPE
al2000 Right Ascention (J2000)
de2000 Declination (J2000)