Column information for the table: Updated Nearby Galaxy Catalog
Table Description: Updated Nearby Galaxy Catalog. I.D. Karachentsev D.I. Makarov & E.I. Kaisina 2013, AJ, 145:101 Tables 1&2 combined. Updated with metadata: 2021, August 26.
pgc PGC number
Name Common name
RA_J2000 Right Ascension, epoch J2000
DecJ2000 Declination, epoch J2000
glon Galactic longitude
glat Galactic latitude
sgl Supergalactic longitude
sgb Supergalactic latitude
Diam Holmberg major diameter in arcmin, at blue isophote ~26.5 mag/as^2 for large galaxies; extreme low surface brightness galaxies are exceptions
A26 Major linear diameter at Holmberg isophote corrected for inclination and extinction
b/a Apparent axial ratio measured at the Holmberg isophote
Inc Inclination from face on: sini^2 = (1-q^2)/(1-q0^2) where q=b/a and q0 depends on type; see reference
Ag Galactic extinction at B given by Schlegel et al. (1998)
Ai Internal B absorption, with inclination and luminosity dependences described in reference
LF Limit on FUV magnitude
mFUV GALEX far ultraviolet magnitude
Bt Total apparent B magnitude, from heterogeneous sources
MB Absolute magnitude corrected for Ag and Ai
La Limit on Halpha magnitude
mHa Magnitude in Halpha emission line
Ks Apparent 2MASS Ks magnitude; estimated from B for very low surface brightness galaxies (see next column)
* asterisk if Ks estimated from B magnitude
LH Limit on HI magnitude
m21 Apparent magnitude in the HI line
W50 HI line width at 50% of maximum, from mixed sources
Vm HI rotational velocity Vm = W50/(2sini), corrected for inclination and tubulent motion
T Morphological type in numeric code of 3rd Ref Catalog
Color Color: Ir, Im, BCD - blue; Tr, dS0em, dEem - mixed; Sph, dE - red
SB Surface brightness: H - high; N - normal; L - low; X - extremely low
Vh Heliocentric radial velocity
VLS Radial velocity with respect to Local Sheet centroid following Tully et al. (2008)
VLG Radial velocity with respect to Local Group centroid following Karachentsev & Makarov (1996)
Dist Distance in Mpc
Meth Distance method: Cep=cepheid PLR; TRGB=tip red giant branch; SN=supernova luminosity; SBF=surface brightness fluctuations; BS=brightest stars; TF=Tully-Fisher relation; FP=fundamental plane; mem=group membership; h,h'=Hubble relation, H0=73 (prime if from Virgocentric flow model)
SB_B Mean B surface brightness inside Holmberg isophote, SB = (Bt-Ag-Ai)+5loga26+8.63
logL_K Log absolute Ks luminosity, M_K(sun)=3.28
logM26 Log indicative mass within A26, see reference
logMHI Log of Hydrogen mass
Theta1 Tidal index from distance and mass of nearest significant neighbor; positive=group member, negative=isolated
MD Main disturber: name of neighboring galaxy
Theta5 Tidal index from distance and mass of nearest 5 significant neighbor; positive=group member, negative=isolated
Thetaj Log Ks luminosity density within 1 Mpc, excluding target