Column information for the table: Spitzer SINGS
Table Description: SINGS: SIRTF Nearby Galaxies Survey. Kennicutt et al. 2003 PASP 115 928 and Table 7 of Munoz-Mateos et al. 2009 ApJ 703 1569
pgc PGC number
Name Common name
RAJ Right Ascension J2000
DecJ Declination J2000
Glon Galactic Longitude
Glat Galactic Latitude
SGL Supergalactic Longitude
SGB Supergalactic Latitude
Type Morphological type
Nuc Nuclear type. H: HII region; SB: starburst; L: LINER; Sy: Seyfert(1,2)
Vhel Heliocentric velocity
Dist Distance in SINGS
a25 Major axis diameter: 25 mag/sq arcsec in B
b25 Minor axis diameter: 25 mag/sq arcsec in B
Mopt Absolute magnitude in SINGS
W20 HI linewidth at 20% peak intensity in SINGS
Lir/Lo IRAS 60-100 micron FIR to optical luminosity ratio in SINGS
60/100 Ratio of IRAS 60 to 100 micron fluxes
logMHI Log of mass in neutral hydrogen from integrated HI flux
logMHII Log of mass in molecular hydrogen from integrated CO flux
SFR Star formation rate from Halpha emission in SINGS
NBG_ID Group name in Nearby Galaxies Catalog
GpID Tully 3000 group identification number
Bt Total B magnitude from RC3
It Total I magnitude from RC3
Ag Galactic extinction in B band (Schlegel et al.)
Inc Inclination from RC3
logF3.6 Log flux in spitzer 3.6 micron band
eF3.6 Error in Log flux in 3.6 micron band
logF4.5 Log flux in spitzer 4.5 micron band
eF4.5 Error in Log flux in 4.5 micron band
logF5.8 Log flux in spitzer 5.8 micron band
eF5.8 Error in Log flux in 5.8 micron band
logF8.0 Log flux in spitzer 8.0 micron band
eF8.0 Error in Log flux in 8.0 micron band
logF24 Log flux in spitzer 24 micron band
eF24 Error in Log flux in 24 micron band
logF70 Log flux in spitzer 70 micron band
eF70 Error in Log flux in 70 micron band
logF160 Log flux in spitzer 160 micron band
eF160 Error in Log flux in 160 micron band