Column information for the table: Hudson SMAC FP
Table Description: 2004-12-06 MJ Hudson private communication; to appear in paper 4 of series first author Russell Smith
pgc PGC number
Icnt Internal group ID
Dist Distance, CF2 scale
DM Distance modulus, CF2 scale
RAJ Right Ascension (J2000)
DeJ Declination (J2000)
Asfd Reddening at R band from Schlegel et al (1998) dust maps
Gamma Gamma = Xfp - alfa*(logSigma - 2.2)
Xfp Xfp = logRe - 0.33*SBe
LogRe Log effective radius
SBe as^2
LSigma Log central velocity dispersion
eSig Error in log central velocity dispersion
Vhel Heliocentric velocity of galaxy
ClVhel Mean heliocentric velocity of cluster
Ty Morphological type in RC3 numeric system
Cluster Cluster name
Name1 Galaxy name
Name2 Alternative name
DelComa Log difference in distance modulus with respect to Coma Cluster
DAinv Angular distance from inverse fit in velocity units
DLinv Luminosity distance DL = DA*(1+V/c)**2 in velocity units
pgc PGC number
icnt Internal group reference number
objname Cluster Name
N Number of galaxies observed
L Galactic Longitude
B Galactic Latitude
czcmb czcmb: cluster velocity in CMB frame
Dang Angular diameter distance in velocity units
czcosmic czcosmic: measured distance in velocity units
Vpec Vpec = (czcmb-czcosmic)/(1+z)
e_czcos error in czcosmic
e_sys systematic error
e_ext external error
e_cz error in measured velocity
e_vpec error in peculiar velocity
BCGname Name of brightest cluster galaxy
pgc PGC
Seq running number
objname name in SMAC catalog
AR A_R: Schlegel et al Galactic absorption at R band
LogRe log R_e: effective radius (arcsec)
SBe SB_e: mean R band surface brightness within R_e (mag/arcsec sq)
Logs log sigma: central velocity dispersion (km/s)
eLogs error log sigma
MgI Magnesium index, fully corrected
vgal heliocentric velocity of galaxy (km/s)
vclust mean heliocentric velocity of cluster (km/s)
clname cluster name
clcode internal identification code for cluster
type galaxy morphological T type
NEDname name in NED
al2000 Right Ascention (J2000)
de2000 Declination (J2000)