Column information for the table: FP : SMAC3
Table Description: Hudson M.J. Lucey J.R. Smith R.J. Schlegel D.J. and Davies R.L. 2001 MNRAS. 327 265 (699 gal.)
pgc PGC
Seq running number
objname name in SMAC catalog
AR A_R: Schlegel et al Galactic absorption at R band
LogRe log R_e: effective radius (arcsec)
SBe SB_e: mean R band surface brightness within R_e (mag/arcsec sq)
Logs log sigma: central velocity dispersion (km/s)
eLogs error log sigma
MgI Magnesium index, fully corrected
vgal heliocentric velocity of galaxy (km/s)
vclust mean heliocentric velocity of cluster (km/s)
clname cluster name
clcode internal identification code for cluster
type galaxy morphological T type
NEDname name in NED
al2000 Right Ascention (J2000)
de2000 Declination (J2000)