Column information for the table: Stahl SNIa
Table Description: Peculiar-velocity cosmology with Types Ia and II supernovae: Stahl, B.E., de Jaeger, T., Zheng W., A. Filippenko, A., 2021,MNRAS,505,2349
pgc PGC number of host galaxy
1PGC PGC ID of dominant group member
Nest Nest ID in 2MASS group catalog by Tully(2015)
SNIa Supernova identification
DM Distance modulus
eDM Error in distance modulus
Vcmb Velocity of supernova in CMB frame
Vrc3 Heliocentric velocity of supernova host from RC3
J2000 J2000 right ascension and declination of host
RA Right ascension (J2000) of SNII in degrees
De Declination (J2000) of SNII in degrees
Glon Galactic Longitude of host
Glat Galactic Latitude of host
SGL Supergalactic Longitude of host
SGB Supergalactic Latitude of host
Ty Type code given in RC3
Ag Extinction at B band from RC3
SSubsamp Subsample in Stahl collection