Column information for the table: Cosmicflows-1 Distances
Table Description: Tully et al. 2008 ApJ 676 184 Tables 1 and 2 combined.
pgc PGC number
RA_Dec_J2000 Equatorial coordinate J2000
Name HI target position
GpID Tully 3000 group Identification number
NBG_ID Nearby Galaxies Catalog (1988) Group ID number
Gal_Long Galactic longitude
Gal_Lat Galactic latitude
SG_Long Supergalactic longitude
SG_Lat Supergalactic latitude
Typ Numeric type (see RC3)
E_BV Selective absorption within our Galaxy (Schlegel et al. 1998, ApJ, 500, 525)
B_b_i Blue magnitude, corrected for Galactic and internal absorption (usually from RC3)
V_sun Heliocentric velocity
V_gsr Velocity in the Galactic Standard of Rest (defined in RC3)
V_ls Velocity in the Local Sheet rest frame (Tully et al. 2008)
V_cmb Velocity in the Galactic Standard of Rest (Fixsen et al. 1996, ApJ, 473, 576)
b_over_a Ratio of minor axis diameter to major axis diameter
Ni No. sources giving axial ratio b/a
B_T Blue B band CCD magnitude, extrapolated to total (Tully et al. 2008)
R_T Red R band CCD magnitude, extrapolated to total (Tully et al. 2008)
NR No. sources giving R magnitude
I_T Infrared I band CCD magnitude, extrapolated to total (Tully et al. 2008)
NImag No. sources giving I magnitude
H_ap H band aperture magnitude (Tully et al. 2008)
NH No. sources giving H magnitude
V_HI Heliocentric velocity observed from HI profile
W20 HI profile linewidth at 20% of peak intensity
DM_tf Distance modulus (m-M) derived from luminosity-linewidth distance measurement
Err_DM_tf Uncertainty in distance modulus derived from luminosity-linewidth method
DM_fgc Distance modulus derived for flat galaxies from 2MASS Ks luminosity and linewidth (Karachentsev et al. 2002, AA, 396, 431
DM_src Distance modulus derived from either surface brightness fluctuation, tip of red giant branch, or cepheid method; assume 8% error
src Source of distance: s = surface brightness fluctuation; r = tip of red giant branch; c = cepheid period-luminosity relation
Gp_G_Long Galactic longitude of group center
Gp_G_Lat Galactic latitude of group center
Gp_SG_Long Supergalactic longitude of group center
Gp_SG_Lat Supergalactic latitude of group center
logL Logarithm of group luminosity in B band at measured distance
Vsun_grp Heliocentric velocity of group
Vgsr_grp Galactocentric velocity of group
Vls_grp Local sheet velocity of group
Vcmb_grp CMB velocity of group
Gp_DM Group averaged distance modulus
Err_Gp_DM Uncertainty in group distance modulus
Dist Group averaged distance
SGX Supergalactic cartesian coordinate SGX
SGY Supergalactic cartesian coordinate SGY
SGZ Supergalactic cartesian coordinate SGZ
Vp_H74 Group peculiar velocity assuming Ho = 74 km/s/Mpc
Ntf No. contributions to group distance from BRIH luminosity-linewidth measurements
Gp_DMtf Distance modulus from luminosity-linewidth measures for group
Err_Gp_DMtf Uncertainty in group luminosity-linewidth distance modulus
Nfg No. contributions to group distance from flat galaxy - 2MASS K luminosity-linewidth measurements
Gp_DMfg Distance modulus from flat galaxies - 2MASS luminosity-linewidth measures for group
Err_Gp_DMfg Uncertainty in group flat galaxies - 2MASS distance modulus
Nsrc No. contributions to group distance from SBF, TRGB, or cepheid PL measurements
Gp_DMsource Distance modulus from SBF, TRGB, or cepheid PL measures for group
Err_Gp_DMsource Uncertainty in group SBF/TRGB/CPL distance modulus