Column information for the table: Tempel17 SDSS DR12 Clipped
Table Description: Abbreviated version of galaxy table with group affiliations (only zcmb<0.1) from Tempel et al. 2017,A&A,602,A100
pgc PGC number
ID ID in Tempel+14 galaxy catalog
IDg Tempel+17 group ID
Ng Number of galaxies in Tempel+14 group
Rg Luminosity rank within group
dc Co-moving distance to group assuming H0=67.8 km/s/Mpc
gVcmb Group velocity in CMB frame
zobs Observed redshift of galaxy
zcmb Redshift of galaxy in CMB frame
pE Probability early type (2011A&A,525,A157)
pS0 Probability S0 (2011A&A,525,A157)
pSa Probability Sab (2011A&A,525,A157)
pSc Probability Scd (2011A&A,525,A157)
den3 Normalized environmental density, smoothing scale 3 Mpc
den10 Normalized environmental density, smoothing scale 10 Mpc
RA Right ascension J2000
DE Declination J2000
glon Galactic longitude
glat Galactic latitude
sgl Supergalactic longitude
sgb Supergalactic latitude