Column information for the table: Tonry SBF
Table Description: Tonry et al. 2001 ApJ 546 681 (SBF survey Paper IV) Table 1. Adjusted moduli following Blakeslee et al. 2010 ApJ 694 556.
pgc PGC number
objname Name used by Tonry et al. (Paper IV)
Modc Distance modulus: adjusted Blakeslee et al. 2010, ApJ 694, 556
1PGC PGC ID of dominant group member
Nest Nest ID from 2MASS group catalog of Tully(2015)
al2000 Right ascension in decimal degrees epoch 2000
de2000 Declination in decimal degrees epoch 2000
V_hel Heliocentric velocity
T Hubble type
GrpID Group ID from Faber et al. 1989, ApJS, 69, 763
AgB Galactic B absorption from Schlegel et al. 1998, ApJ, 500, 525
VmI V-I color at radius contributing to SBF
e_VmI Uncertainty in V-I color
N_VmI Number contributing measures
Ibar I magnitude assoc w fluctuation power spectrum
e_Ibar Uncertainty in Ibar
N_Ibar Number of contributing measures
Mod01 Distance modulus: original Tonry et al. 2001
e_Mod Uncertainty in distance modulus
Rav Mean annular radius (arcsec) contributing to SBF measurement
ratio_in Ratio innermost/mean radii contributing to SBF
ratio_out Ratio outermost/mean radii contributing to SBF
Qmax Quality Q=log[Ne(mbar)/PD^2; Ne(mbar)=# e- from obj w mag mbar; PD= psf_FWHM x Vcmb/1000
PD Product (psf_FWHM) x (Vcmb/1000)
NbarI Fluctuation star count at I band: Nbar=mbar-mT - difference fluct. and total mags = 2.5log(total lum/lum typical star
Qual Quality
icnt Internal group reference number
NBG_ID Nearby Galaxies Catalog (1988) group ID number
LH_ID Lavaux-Hudson group ID from 2MASS++ catalog
fil Filament ID from V8k catalog