Column information for the table: Union2 SNIa
Table Description: R. Amanullah et al. 2010 ApJ 716 712; Table B2 restricted to distance modulus less than 37 complemented with host galaxy information from RC3.
pgc PGC number
objname Galaxy name
J2000 RA, Dec; J2000
Typ Morphological T type of host [RC3]
Imag I magnitude of host [RC3]
logD25 Log diameter at 25 mag/as^2 blue isophote [RC3]
Inc Inclination from face on [RC3]
Vhel Host galaxy Heliocentric velocity
SNIa Supernova name
Vcmb Supernova velocity in CMB
mB0 Apparent magnitude in B of SNIa at maximum
emB0 Error in SNIa B apparent magnitude at maximum
X1 SALT2 parameter X1
eX1 Error in SALT2 parameter X1
C SALT2 parameter C
eC Error in SALT2 parameter C
mu0 Union2 distance modulus; 2 SNIa averaged in 4 cases (PGSs 6007, 27351, 48860, 50323)
emu0 Error in distance modulus
Samp Sample: 1-17; see Amanullah et al.
Cuts Cuts: z=redshift<0.015; o=outlier; d=observations <5; f+bad light curve; p=first phase >6 days after B maximum