Column information for the table: WISE/PFWu
Table Description: "PhD thesis 6/2016, University of Hawaii; Po-Feng Wu `Dissecting the Surface Brightness of Galaxies'",
pgc PGC number
UGC/AGC ID in Uppsala General Catalog (#<=5) or Arecibo General Catalog (#=6)
Name Common name
RAJ Right ascencion J2000
DEJ Declination J2000
Dist Assumed distance (measured or assuming H0=75 km/s/Mpc)
Ty Morphological type, RC3 letter designation
T Numeric morphological type, RC3 code
maj major axis diameter (at W1=25 mag/arcsec^2 AB mag)
min minor axis diameter assuming RC3 axial ratio (occasionally modified)
inc Inclination from face-on orientation
SB0 Central disk surface brightness
SB0i Central disk surface brightness corrected for incination
Rkpc Metric scale length
Rd Angular scale length
W1 W1 magnitude
W2 W2 magnitude
W3 W3 magnitude
W4 W4 magnitude
u SDSS u' magnitude
g SDSS g' magnitude
r SDSS r' magnitude
i SDSS i' magnitude
z SDSS z' magnitude
NUV GALEX Near UV magnitude
FUV GALEX far UV magnitude
M_s Log stellar mass
M_HI Log HI mass
SFR Log stellar mass per year